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Interior and Exterior Remodeling

Interior Remodeling Services Verona

Your home is a large investment and naturally you want it to look its best but sometimes homes just don't function for your needs. Maybe you want a more open concept floor plan, or wanting to upgrade your older home to make it more modern, add a bathroom or remodel your kitchen to be more efficient and larger. With Karl's Construction Plus interior remodeling services, we can help you plan and complete any interior remodeling project you want.

Our interior remodeling services are the best in the area. No matter if you are looking to update a room, your flooring or wish to completely remodel the entire house; Karl's Construction Plus can handle it. If your home is outdated or just doesn't function right, let us help you get started with your interior remodeling project today.

Our Interior Remodeling Services include these services and more:
Remodeling Services Verona Interior Home Remodeling Services
     • Kitchen Remodeling
     • Bathroom Remodeling
     • Complete Home Remodeling
     • Room Additions
     • Basement Renovations
     • Custom Cabinetry
     • Hardwood Flooring
     • New Decks
     • Window and Door Replacement

When you hire a pro like us for your interior remodeling projects, you get the combined experience of our management staff and workers which will give you the confidence the job will get done right.

All of our interior remodeling projects focus on the following items:

     • Budget
     • Time Frame
     • Products Used
     • Color Scheme
     • Remodeling Plan
     • Quality Workmanship

So if you are considering any interior remodeling projects, give us a call first so we can help you save time and money by planning the project correctly and ensuring the products are the best needed for your project.

Verona Exterior Home Remodeling Services

Exterior Remodeling Services Verona

The saying goes that the outside of your home makes the first impression and should at least look as good as the inside, so that is why Karl’s Construction Plus offers many exterior remodeling services. Many homeowners are looking for a complete remodeling company that can make the interior and exterior of their home beautiful.

Our Exterior Remodeling Services include these services and more:

     • Decks and Porches
     • New Roof
     • New Additions
     • Exterior Builds
     • Screen Rooms
     • Exterior Siding
     • Windows and Doors
     • Maintenance and Repairs

If your home needs some updates or just needs a complete redo, Karl's Construction Plus can help you add new siding, windows or doors, additional space such as a screen room or even enlarging your home by adding an addition, or even a nice new deck.

Adding or updating the exterior of your home, will add value, increase the curb appeal and make your home last longer by weatherproofing or increasing the energy efficiency saving you money on your energy bills.
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